Anthracity is Necessary for the Culture

After several experiences in contemporary fashion agencies and music labels and brands, the observation for me remained the same – many talk about street culture, but few come from this so-called “urban” movement. 

Over the years, I have seen the vision change within communication agencies regarding street culture, from “he’s too violent we can’t sign him” to “I need him for my next luxury campaign”. 

Content Works When Authenticity is at Work

As the movement became increasingly mainstream, it gradually dissolved into a mass where it was difficult to differentiate between the many different players. The new perception of the underground and its players has prompted brands to take a closer interest in the new icons – a veritable niche that is propelling brands towards expectations that are sometimes beyond their wildest dreams. Despite the resources put in place by these major brands to sign up these talents, it has been almost impossible for them to establish relationships with them, due to cultural differences and a lack of information about this movement, which has been reduced to a mere fad. 

Often overwhelmed by events, traditional agencies and brands lack the codes needed to interact with urban talent. It was at this point that I was able to make the link thanks to my expertise, by intervening in the relationship between urban creatives and the campaigns of world-famous brands.